ICT Facility

ICT enabled teaching Learning

  1. In addition to chalk and talk method of teaching, the faculty members are using the IT enabled learning tools such as PPT, Video clippings , Audio system, online sources, to expose the students for advanced knowledge and practical learning.
  2. Classrooms are fully furnished with LCD/OHP/Computers
  3. Most of the faculty use interactive methods for teaching. The major emphasis is on classroom interaction in terms of research paper presentations, seminars, debates, group discussions, assignments, quiz/tests/viva and laboratory work.

Institute premises are Wi-Fi enabled

  1. Specialized computer laboratory with an internet connection has been provided to promote independent learning. MAC-ID based Wi-Fi facility for access of internet is provided on individual laptop and mobile devices.
  2. Well security is provided to Wi-Fi users. Its access is controlled by the system administrator

Average percentage of teachers using ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-learning resources etc. (5)

Number of teachers on roll.
Number of teachers using ICT (LMS,e-Resources)Number of ICT enabled classrooms Number of smart classroomsICT tools and resources availableE-resources and techniques used
202083LCD, OHP, e-Books, e-Journalse-Books, e-Journals, wi-fi Campus, Online and Offline Videos etc.